A Love/Hate Story


It’s no secret I’m a huge Red Sox fan, so you’d think

I’d take obvious glee in reporting on the 211 game

suspension of New York Yankee third baseman Alex


But I’m ever the professional, and truth be told, I felt

mostly sad.

As a fan of the game, I want players to compete,

win and lose on a level playing field, and with the

suspensions that came out today, it’s clear some

athletes will always try to gain whatever illegal

advantage they can. It’s a terrible message to send

to kids.

A-Rod is certainly one of the more compelling figures

in sports, and the dynamic that has developed

between him and the Yankees is fascinating. Has a

team ever more openly despised its own player? I

can’t think of one.

There was certainly a “pinch me” moment to

standing outside Yankee Stadium and doing live

shots for NBC stations around the country. Nightly

News correspondent, Katy Tur, was just to my

left. She’s incredibly laid back and has a great

sense of humor. At one point, she busted out a

great Saturday Night Live “Matt Foley, Motivational

Speaker” impression.

It was such a nice day outside, instead of working

in the satellite truck, I sat on a folding chair on the

sidewalk with the famous façade looming over my

shoulder. That’s a pretty cool office, if you ask me.

As I headed to the subway to head home, a group of

Little Leaguers were practicing on the field directly

across from Yankee Stadium’s main gate. I thought

about how amazing it must be to play in the shadow

of this grand cathedral, and how disappointing it

must be to know one of your heroes is an admitted


Author: Chris Pollone

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