Boston Strong

Live shots in Boston for NBC affiliates around the country for NBC Newschannel

Live shots in Boston for NBC affiliates around the country for NBC Newschannel


As I was standing in front of Boston’s Moakley

Federal Courthouse, a large parking lot separating

me from the entrance, I noticed a long line of

uniformed police officers positioned on a small traffic

island across from court.

Another reporter asked, “What’s going on there?”

I thought with reputed Mafia boss “Whitey” Bulger

and accused Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

in court on the same day, perhaps this was an extra

measure of security.

I wandered up to the front of the courthouse,

snapped a picture of the police officers, and took a

closer look. And then it dawned on me: these were

MIT and Somerville Police officers, colleagues of MIT

Officer Sean Collier.

The Tsarnaev brothers are accused of murdering

Collier to steal his gun the night they got in a

shootout with police.

It was a silent, yet powerful, display of support for a

fallen friend and colleague, and another reminder of

how the Boston Marathon Bombing and its aftermath

cut to the bone so many people in my hometown.

It’s obviously hard to find any silver lining to the

tragedy that happened last April, but as an optimist,

it’s something I’ve tried to discover.

I witnessed first-hand the way the bombing brought

people in Boston together. Who can forget the fans

at Boston Garden singing the National Anthem as

one voice after Rene Rancourt stopped singing after

the first line? Chills. Or Red Sox slugger David

Ortiz proclaiming, “This is our f&%#ing city!” to the

Fenway Park crowd?

My time in Boston this year has reacquainted me

with a place that’s dear to me, but hadn’t spent

much time in over the past 20 years.

I fell in love with Boston all over again almost the

way a tourist would, staying in hotels and eating

in restaurants in the Seaport, Back Bay, and near

Faneuil Hall.

I’ve gotten to spend time with NBC pros like Jay

Gray, JoEllen Ruvoli, Mike Kaufman, and Alycia


I’m extremely proud of our coverage of this

important story and eager to continue following the

quest for justice for its victims.

Author: Chris Pollone

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