Clear rules for the NFL

Live at MetLife Stadium

Live at MetLife Stadium

Shortly after the Boston Marathon Bombing, the

NFL’s security committee voted unanimously to

limit the size and types of bags allowed into NFL


The vote must have slipped under most fans’ radar,

because many people showing up to preseason

games are being turned away at the gates with

purses and bags that don’t conform to the new rules.

This development sent me across the river to East

Rutherford, New Jersey, for a quick story on the new

NFL bag rules for NBC News Channel.

I hadn’t been to “The Meadowlands” since Syracuse

played in the 1996 Final Four.

What’s changed? Well, MetLife Stadium has replaced

old Giants Stadium, and Continental Airlines Arena

has been renamed “The Izod Center”.

I met NBC photographer Tony D’Amico in the

parking lot, shot my standup with the stadium in the

background, and hit the Lincoln Tunnel to drop the

tape off at “the Mothership” in Rockefeller Center.

The bottom line for NFL fans: if you need a bag to

hold your goods, bring a clear one-gallon storage

bag, a special NFL branded clear bag measuring

12x12x6, or a small clutch purse. Backpacks,

camera and diaper bags will no longer be allowed.

Author: Chris Pollone

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