Dreams Come True

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Today I had the pleasure of introducing the world

to 16 new millionaires. They call themselves the

“Ocean’s 16” after the series of “Ocean’s” heist


The group is a bunch of coworkers from Ocean

County, New Jersey, who won part of a $448 million

Powerball jackpot. After taxes, they’ll all take home

about $3.9 million. Not bad for a $6 investment.

Many winners had touching stories.

One winner’s father was the N.J. state senator who

wrote the state’s lottery law.

Another woman lost her home in Superstorm Sandy

and will now buy a house for her daughter and bring

the family dog back to live with them.

One of the most charismatic figures was Willie

Seeley, who lost his mother to cancer in the past

year. His father is also battling cancer. When he

realized he won, Willie went to his father, broke

down in tears and said, “Dad, you don’t have to

worry about anything any more except getting


Very powerful.

I did about 21 custom tags for NBC stations across

the country and a few live shots, too.

I always enjoy working with “Tony and Tony”,

NBC photographer, Tony Guggino, and audio tech,

Anthony McGowan. These guys are always in good

moods and make me look and sound good.

Author: Chris Pollone

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